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An author of truth, faith and consolement offering a Real Life
solace in Real Life Situations with the aid of Law Enforcement

Tom Montgomery, offers solace into the lives of the distressed, in conjunction with police intervention, to the victim or victims. Tom's books are a collection of real experiences that have shaped his life.

If you enjoy books with real life, police related tragedy and the guidance God provides, then you will enjoy Tom Montgomery Books.

Tom has the privileged of participating in the Clergy and Police Alliance. He has published several books in allegiance with this topic. He is also in the process of publishing several children's books.

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone comes into the world for a reason. "Your made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." (Psalms 139:13)

Tom has been honored to be a speaker at numerous public venues and is available on request to be a guest speaker about his experiences and his publications.

What Readers Say about Tom Montgomery's One More Ride:

"Some situations take our breath away. Others pierce our hearts, leaving scars long afterward. This book is full of such events. However, in each instance of heartbreak, the helper embodies healing. He cradles the broken hearts and carries a piece of the burden as long as he can, then he moves on to the next case. He brings hope an reminds others of the Great Healer. Ands through the despair, we see light." - Kelli Levey Reynold

As a former police officer and now serving as a Chaplain, I can testify that life can become overwhelming without warning. There always is someone hurting and in need of comfort. One More Ride is a true look into the life of a servant of God, as he (with feet of clay) ministers in the name of Jesus. Climb on with Tom and take One More Ride into the front lines of service to God." -Don Mansfield BCBC


Some books teach you things. Some books touch your heart. One More Ride: One more Day to touch One More Life is on of those great books that does both. First responders have always been amazing to me. They charge toward danger, instead of running away. Tom Montgomery is a "first responder to the soul." He is courageous and truly one of my heroes. -Jeff C West


It's hard to navigate through traumatic life events (and let's face it, we all have them), but this book can offer insights and different perspectives through real life stories that can help us feel hope during these hopeless times. This is going to be my go-to gift, in lieu of a sympathy card, for people I want to encourage during their struggles. Thanks Tom for sharing yourself and your wisdom!!! -Christie Ruffino

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