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One More Ride, Your Heart in God's Hands

Thank You for your interest in Tom Montgomery Books. Readers have expressed their gratitude about the candid stories and depth of each scenerio Tom shares about his experiences. One More Ride:One More Day to Touch One More Life was published in 2019. The book, Your Heart in God's Hand was publishing in 2022 by Global Summit House (GSH) and we are so grateful for the outcome. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.

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Golf, fishing, and the afternoon Harley ride all sound like great ways to spend one’s golden years. Tom Montgomery tried them all, then realized the true gold was in serving others experiencing some of life’s most traumatic and painful situations. Riding along with law enforcement officers of a major Texas city, Montgomery chooses to listen, pray, and convey God’s message to those experiencing what he calls ‘off-the-charts’ pain and emotional turmoil. He chronicles these experiences and the lessons he’s learned from taking One More Ride

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